A fitting beginning to my non-caps lists' beginning: a reprise of my first list- GREAT AND NOT-SO-GREAT THINGS FROM THIS WEEK
  1. Monday
  2. First class of the day (in case you didn't know, hi! I'm Celeste and I teach elementary music. For now.)- 👎👎👎
    I borrowed iPads for second grade to play a cool, fun instrument family game. Unfortunately, I forgot that iPads don't support Adobe Flash, so the game didn't work. I decided to let them Google the different families instead. Kids ended up searching "string" ("family" intentionally removed) which (on a public school server ⁉️) pulled up string bikinis. Then boys started searching their own terms: sex, "vajina", "tite"... At second grade. 😱 Long story short: lots of phone calls and write-ups.
  3. Next class of the day- 👍
    Principals come in to investigate while my first graders are "swimming". They check out the iPads (I set aside the ones with inappropriate terms in the history pulled up). VP opens one and is startled by the images he sees. Principal laughs. Okay, cool. I'm not in trouble.
  4. Second second grade class- 👍
    🙅 nixed those iPads and went to next week's plans instead, a beat passing game with a song. Accurate melodies and everyone sans two kids is able to pass the shaker to a perfect beat!
  5. Lunch- 👎
    Didn't get one. Returning iPads and talking to written up kids.
  6. Tuesday
  7. Played "Steven's Last Night in Town" real quickly to show my second graders the clarinet. 👍
    Good tone, even after not practicing for months at this point. And technically, I'm no Hideaki (of yMusic), but I'll pass.
  8. Also brought my horn. 👍
    I cannot play it anymore. It was so bad. Kids thought it was the funniest sound. I agree, haha. Glad to make them laugh instead of judge.
  9. Took the longest and best nap everrr. 👍👍👍
    I could not sleep the night before, so this was such a great nap. Like four hours of the most comfortable feeling in the world.
  10. Wednesday
  11. Couldn't sleep because of aforementioned nap. 👎👎👎
    Oops. This is Wednesday because it was well past midnight before I fell asleep.
  12. Started pre-Insanity. 👍
    Pre-because I'm prepping myself for the real start next week (Sunday). It's been so long, I definitely need the pre. I missed you, Shaun-T!
  13. Started my pros and cons list for Belmont. 👍
    Way harder than I thought. I really want to be decided before Tuesday though. WELL I THOUGHT ABOUT THE ARMY
  14. Met Patrick from Perks of Being a Wallflower while ordering nachos. 👍
    Not actually, but this kid was very Ezra Miller from that movie.
  15. Nachos. 👍
    Thanks, Sam!
  16. Thursday
  17. A fucking kid knocked my ukulele off of its stand and fucked up the E tuning peg. 👎👎👎
    Fucking fuck. Luckily a different kid found the screw and I kind of fixed it, but it definitely needs repairing.
  18. Remembered how to play most of "Popular" during my lunch. 👍👍
    🎹- it was my hardest piano piece for my auditions, which is probably sad to any piano players reading this.
  19. Insanity 👍
    Still pre, but the full workout. It was fine.
  20. Watched a George Harrison tribute concert with my dad on PBS. 👍👍👍
  21. Friday
  22. Tested kindergarteners on proper mallet technique, a.m. 👍/👎
    They got it! And were so excited! Then these three kids from the next class... They are such terribly behaved children. And one of their terrible moms was in class. She made things worse. Testing them was so difficult.
  23. Went guitar shopping. 👍/👎
    Realized my entire problem all along is that I need a thinner neck. Found a gorgeous sounding one with the most beautiful fretboard. It's only $999. 😩
  24. Art show- 👍
    Work by a friend's friend. Some interesting parchment techniques. Ran into one of Jon's friends who I realized maybe doesn't like me as much as I thought she did? Or maybe she thinks the same of me? I'm so bad in social situations.
  25. Jon owls- 👍👍
    Ever since Jon moved, he's sent me random cute things on FB, mostly on his days off. Today it was a bunch of baby owls and I melted.
  26. Saturday
  27. Miguel's graduation-👍👍👍
  28. Sunday
  29. Watered my plants. And vinyl- 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
    Luckily, I didn't ruin any actual vinyl, but my Sufjan Stevens Silver and Gold box got some water damage, as did my signed copy of Ben Folds' So There. These are also easily two of the most important parts of my collection. 💀
  30. Talked to Jon. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    I feel much better about things. That boy always turns my day around even though he thinks he's not helpful.