Yay! I hate listening to voicemails! This is probably not new. I just rarely get and listen to voicemails.
  1. Static
    My Ben Folds white vinyl came in! In 2015. Accuracy: 6/10
  2. Static
    So many uh and umms. Accuracy: 7/10
  3. Static
    Guess my mom is Bill? Accuracy: 5/10
  4. Static
    OMG WHAT??? In June. Accuracy: 7/10
  5. Static
    Yay! My ukulele! In July. Accuracy: 8/10
  6. Static
    Haha. Jonathan. Again with the uhs. Accuracy: 9/10
  7. Static
    My dad. That's not what he said. Accuracy: 5/10
  8. (Grading leniently bc I like this feature)