1. Well my initial thought is to check my cart. Inside is a replacement sustain pedal which I no longer need and is over budget anyway.
  2. Then I check my saved items:
  3. A sweater stone
    Used to get that fuzz and lint off of sweaters. I had one and it was the best, but it got stolen with my purse and I guess I really wanted another one. But that's only $6 so...
  4. Then I see what customers who bought a sweater stone want:
  5. I have like $14. 1. Over budget. 3. Why would I want that?
    2. why do you want me to get an electric one when I have the original, better version? I know the stone is better only because I already couldn't decide between the two the day I bought my first and so I bought both. Stone is the winner!
  6. Then Amazon is like, look!
    And like, it's a penny, what a deal!
  7. And so is this one so...
  8. $13.98ish...
    Damn it!
  9. But Amazon really wants me to play the violin and there's nothing else I really want so...
  10. And maybe I'll get a few more penny Koko books.