Wow, came across this in my drafts, whoops! I have so much trouble liking my hair, @Boogie, so thanks again for thinking of me! PS. I don't know if any of this works for others besides me, but I've finally discovered something that seems to be working, so here it is anyway, inspired by @narniashamrock
  1. I very much agree that product makes all the difference when it comes to frizz.
    In fact, yesterday I wasn't feeling like applying anything to my hair so I didn't and it was frizz city!
  2. Despite my frizz of yesterday, my curls still stayed decently presentable, though not as defined. I don't know if it's because I'm lucky and happen to have obedient curls or because of my products and routine, but I'll share it all. 😊
  3. I've tried and had varying success with a few styling products. I'm currently loving Hair Custard from Lush, but I also like Queen Bee, also from Lush.
    My only issue with QB is probably because of my hair type. It's quite a heavy product and comes in a bar, so it can definitely be too much if I'm not extremely careful, as my hair is thin and fine. If you have thicker strands or more hair, I'm sure it'd work a lot better.
  4. I've also had success with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Styling Lotion. But...
  5. 😍 Roots.
    I'm almost positive my good hair days are thanks to this product. It says scalp, but I apply it to all of my hair. It feels great on. It's minty, tingly, and lovely. I leave it on overnight. When I rinse it out, my hair feels amazing. My curls are happier and way more defined. It's for fine hair, which I have, but to me it seems it's just good for hair health and texture. I always have a good hair day with it. I use it once a week, but it may become more frequent bc it's my fave. Roots is ❤❤❤
  6. Here's my daily: So I shampoo and condition. Big + Veganese, both Lush, is a great combo for my problematic hair type and may also help with curl definition, particularly the Veganese. Also, not a Lush spokesperson, but my friend works there, so advice + discount/gifts!
    Also, side note: cool thing about Lush besides the fact that they are great as far as ethics and ingredients are concerned, is that they are quite generous with samples so you can try things and see what works for you if you are interested. Lush makes a great product, but is expensive for sure.
  7. I know there's lots of talk about washing curly hair at most every few days or even less frequently, but my hair is way too fine for that. I've tried. I just can't get it to work long term. I've heard it really works for thicker hair though.
    Giphy downsized medium
    I've also tried co-washing, which wasn't quite for me either, but again, could be better for another with thicker hair!
  8. After I shower, I comb through my wet hair carefully with a wide tooth comb, starting at the ends. Then I flip my hair upside down to apply whatever product. I lightly coat both hands and run them through my hair (yesterday I flipped, but added no product). PS. I thought this was a weird step but apparently it's good for dry shampoo/has a GIF?
    (I don't dance while applying, though maybe I should try it! 😉) but I scrunch my ends with a bit of extra product and that's the last time I touch it until it's completely dry. I think scrunching makes a difference for me. I don't towel it or wrap it with anything. I also keep it flipped.
  9. Here's the best part.
    I get back in bed and use my pillowcase to absorb excess moisture. I maneuver my hair so that I'm not crushing any curls. My hair is just draped over the pillow like Ariel. If I have time, I'll just chill until it dries, otherwise I get up after like 15 min, flip my hair back over, and let it air dry the rest of the way. Again, I don't touch it until it dries completely. Even if it happens to fall terribly after the flip, I really do wait until it's totally dry. Touching adds frizz!
  10. On weekends, I don't get back in bed (because I've probably way slept in already) and just do whatever I need to around the house, tossing my head back after my flipped hair gets to be too annoying. Still no hands though! I can't stress how important it is to not touch hair when it's drying.
    I also look ridiculous, but...
  11. And I'll part it or whatever when it's totally dry.
  12. So long story short: comb carefully right out of the shower, add product to avoid frizz, scrunch, and DON'T TOUCH! 😊
    Also sorry you could call this list OMG I LOVE LUSH 🙃