In Honor of Harry Potter's Birthday

Inspired by @LeahG
  1. I decided to read this today.
    I bought this forever ago. Today seems like an appropriate day to sit down and read The Sorcerer's Stone with the illustrations.
  2. First off, look how cute the sorting hat...
  3. and Fang are!!!
  4. Okay, no more words now. Just some gorgeous illustrations from year one.
    I would 100% pull out and frame these if it didn't mean destroying the book.
  5. Okay, but this little guy??
  6. I want to live in Hagrid's hut.
  7. And also I would love to own Fang.
  8. And Mrs. Norris.
  9. 👌🏽💯
  10. Daww, Trevor!
  11. I'm not sure I enjoyed reading it more with the illustrations. They're beautiful, but I still like my head's imagery.
  12. This was at last night's premiere of The Cursed Child. Please note my glasses and my not Broncos tie. 😒
    I don't have my copy yet. We ducked out early because our copies should be arriving tomorrow. Hopefully by owl. That's next on the list.