Day one. It should've been Monday, but I've made excuses up until now.
  1. For probably a full year at this point, I've kind of felt like a blob of a human.
  2. And I've kept saying, tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow...
  3. I thought this list would've helped Thoughts on the Insanity Workout
    But it didn't last, and it's been four months. 😳
  4. This morning was the last straw.
    I've been so angry in the mornings, and I'm having trouble sleeping, but I think a lot of it is because I literally can't find anything to wear.
  5. It's cold. I hate pants, but they are becoming necessary as December continues. And all of my favorite pairs no longer look okay.
    It's disgusting. I feel so gross.
  6. So every day I'm in a terrible mood. And I hate it.
  7. And school doesn't help. I'm literally nonstop all day. I love being with the kids, but damn do I need a break sometimes. I'm basically the only teacher who doesn't get one. And I can't with the constant crying and whining and tattling from some of them. So I come home especially tired this year.
    I figure whatever, since I'm kind of checked out at this point anyway, and it's halfway over. All I care about at this point is that these kids are getting exposed to a great music education while I'm there.
  8. But anyway, I finally decided enough was enough. I made time to do a workout today.
    And holy moly, was this exactly what I needed.
  9. I was absolutely terrible by my usual Insanity standards. But slow and steady wins the race for sure.
  10. Every time I've attempted over the years on my own since I actually successfully did these workouts with others, I push myself too hard like I was when I was regularly doing them for months.
    I burned myself out after like three days.
  11. But now I want to do them right.
    I can't go their speed, but I'm not worried about that yet. I'm focusing on form like I never have before.
  12. And it felt great.
    And I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. And I love it.
  13. I need to hold myself accountable. I need to continue this.
    It was so much easier with a workout buddy, but I need to do it on my own.
  14. But now, some much needed floor time.
    (I've always wondered how she does this workout with her hair down... Also, unlike her, I'm nodding! Just finished!)
  15. And then this:
    Fave. With a much needed shower.
  16. I think morning workouts will be good for me.