1. My friend Trevor passed away two years ago yesterday. I found out on the 24th and it's been a weird day each year since. Thanksgiving has been different since then. I guess the holidays and this time of year have been.
  2. Today has been strange. I've had three family obligations. Trying to socialize with family at three different events and trying to not be distracted is hard.
    But I'm so thankful that I was able to have him in my life for the time that I did. He was a beautiful person. And today I'm just trying to be thankful for everyone in my life. Family, friends, and you all. ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Here are some photos I've looked through each year since then.
    This is my favorite picture of us.
  4. Here's a second later.
  5. And with Louis the poodle and my best friend Lauren.
  6. Man, these beautiful boys. ❤️
  7. Intense conversation, haha.
  8. Shoe experts volunteering at Charlotte Russe on Black Friday.
  9. This was a fun day. We volunteered for my friend handing out samples of juice products. Trevor, Lauren, and I were in charge of the wheatgrass.
  10. This was the first meeting of our book club. We all had just bought Dante's Inferno, Trevor's choice. Trevor fell asleep.
    He and I ended up being the only ones who even attempted to read it though.
  11. Face masks.
  12. Snowflake making!
    I recruited my friends to make snowflakes for my second grade music program. I'm pretty sure Trevor's were not great.
  13. /Taylor Swift Red party?
  14. ❤️
  15. Halloween. Such a great picture.
  16. Friendsgiving! Love this one.
  17. Christmas shopping.
    Mannequin shadowing.
  18. American Hustle.
    He was all about dressing up that day.
  19. Stratego. He won.
  20. OMG this day. 😂
    Edward Fortyhands? I was just an observer, and it was hilarious!
  21. Stew!
  22. Alto clarinet/ Beatles/British party.
  23. Friend's birthday.
  24. The last picture we took together.
  25. ❤️