1. How do you get over someone you've been crushing hard on for five years?
    Albeit less hard recently.
  2. Someone who is also one of your best friends?
    Definitely someone you love.
  3. I know I'm definitely way more over it than I have been in the last few years, but I still stayed up until nearly two in the morning talking to him last night.
  4. And until I don't know what time the night before, perusing clothing within various search limits, sending screenshots, deciphering size variations, helping him choose a dress for his sister.
  5. Last night was spent refreshing, waiting for a size to become available (because I knew it would), and helping him figure out how to buy it, since I'm paranoid and had it in my cart before he was actually able to call.
    All in the wee hours of last night, because he works late, plus time difference. And I was tired last night by like 9 PM.
  6. I am so happy when I talk to him, but this can and will never become anything, and I'm totally fine with that.
  7. It doesn't mean I'm no longer into him.
    It's been a long time. This isn't something I can get over so easily, thought I've made progress.
  8. Sometimes I wonder what kind of love this is.
    Because obviously I love him. He's one of my best friends.
  9. And I think, oh, it's just because you care about him.
    But would I happily stay up that late on a school night when I'm already tired after a long day to help any other friend? Two nights in a row?
  10. Maybe?
    I really don't know.