Scorsese's documentary Living in the Material World was on last night while I was packing. I wish I'd have been paying closer attention before, but I mostly caught the last bit. George has always been my favorite Beatle, and I love him more after learning these specifics about him. He reminds me of myself some, and my favorite people more.
  1. What caught me first was a story about when George saw a sunset and said, "I want to create that!"
    In his own way, he wants to create something that invokes the feelings of a perfect sunset for others, be it musically, or through his love.
  2. George was constantly gardening.
    Gardening is my favorite. I'm more about indoor gardening, but I think it's because the plants that I love do not love my climate.
  3. He liked his flowers to be fragrant or bright.
    Fragrant flowers are also the most beautiful to me. I'm less about colorful, but I love a crisp white flower against a dark green background: gardenia and jasmine are my favorites.
  4. He carried around ukuleles and shared his knowledge with his friends. He left many with Tom Petty (he also taught him to play), just because "you never know when we might need them, because not everybody carries one around."
    I decided to learn to play, and convinced two otherwise non-musical friends to pick up the ukulele. Also my vice principal. And a family friend... :)
  5. He surrounded himself with people who are good at something.
    I have an amazing group of friends who are talented in some way. They are musicians, designers, artists, or just incredibly creative in other ways. And also good at friendship.
  6. He had jam sessions with musician friends.
    This reminds me more of some friends of mine, though I guess I've done a few. I prefer observing these, because I'm a bit self conscious of my musical abilities, but I absolutely love the music that can result.
  7. "We've gotta do something with our lives and that's the one thing I know to do. I know how to do it."
    On music. I love the simplicity and accuracy of this for the many wonderful people in my life.
  8. His closest relationships were through music and through lyrics.
    Music has had a profound influence on my relationships with others. And though I'd love to be better at noticing or writing, there are lyrics that have a very strong influence on me personally. I'm now learning to appreciate them as much as the music itself.
  9. He had love relationships with his friends.
    This very much reminds me of a friend, and a bit of myself. You fall in love with a friend, but less in a romantic way— more in appreciation for all that they are.
  10. He was concerned for the wellness of others. Primarily worries for others before himself.
    100% me and a few of my closest friends. Other friends, not so much, but I so appreciate this quality in a person.
  11. He'd been practicing his entire life for his afterlife.
    Ive never thought about this, but it's such an interesting concept and outlook, and something I think many Christians can relate to, though he was not. He's less concerned about his human life, or more concerned about preparing his soul for his time of passing on. I don't know that I exactly feel this way, but I do think it's a beautiful way to live.
  12. He had a great sense of humor, even in the hardest of times.
    I love George's humor and wit. I only aspire to be that clever.
  13. "If I was dying now what would I miss?"
    And the first thing he thought was his son. I'm a sucker for paternal relationships. He also once told a cop to fuck off when his son Dhani got into trouble, so there's that.
  14. He was such a strongly fierce friend with a powerful aurora that provided happiness.
    I'd like to be able to be this person to others, but I really do think another friend of mine would have this title rather than me. I'm not close to many people, but to those who I am close to, I'd think I aspire to be this. My friend, on the other hand, is in so many circles, and loved and important to everyone he knows.
  15. And Ringo told a beautiful story.
    Ringo's daughter had a brain tumor in the last weeks of George's life when he went to visit. He said he had to go visit her before he left George. George asked if he wanted him to go with him, for support. 😭
  16. George was such a beautiful and pure soul that was such an amazing human and would be helping make our world a better place if he were around today. ❤️