Tired but happy elementary music teacher. 😊
  1. Static
    My PDD is done and I passed! It is a meticulous portfolio that I had to create to prove growth as a teacher and growth in my students. I've been working on it tirelessly, sleepless and stressed for the entirety of last week, afraid I did something wrong. I've been doing a lot since June and didn't think I'd finish in time... I've been very anxious about it since I submitted on Friday. But I am now a Level II teacher in NM! I'm awaiting the physical copy of my new teaching license in the mail.
  2. 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲
    I won't use my new license for very long in order to pursue an education and career in music therapy, but I'll be getting paid substantially more while I do. More money = more savings for tuition, and I now have the ability to keep teaching if ever I want to again (my level I license expires in June 2017). I don't plan on using my new license for anything more than the remainder of this school year, but it's nice to have a strong fallback plan in case something happens along my upcoming journey.
  3. Yay!! 😊