Found this list waaaay into my early drafts. A wonderful night I'm happy to remember on my birthday today.
  1. July 3rd, 2015
    One year ago yesterday. The afternoon before my birthday. It was a really, really lovely evening. My friend Jon called and said to come over.
  2. The night started off exploring a cute little place that Jon was kind of renting. It has a great outdoor area with fountains, aviaries, and a winding path.
  3. After wandering, we went on a drive to some of the prettiest spots around town.
  4. We drove to a high point in town to look over the fireworks. We also caught a lightning storm dancing across the sky. As we watched, the sun set over the lights of the city. It was just beautiful.
  5. We went to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner and sat out on the patio. The scent of the desert before a summer rain is one of my favorite things.
  6. I was later taken into the pecan orchards that skirt the town. We found an unlit location perfect for meteor showers, another of my favorite things.
  7. We spent the night driving, talking, and laughing until well past midnight.
  8. He said he wanted to take me to do things that I love. He wanted my birthday to be special. And he wanted me to feel special for the entire day. We had to hang out until the day turned into tomorrow.
  9. It was a very sweet night spent with one of my best friends.
    Usually my birthday stresses me out because I'm too sensitive. People are so busy celebrating Independence Day that I feel forgotten sometimes. I'm always a bit sad until everyone that I love texts or calls.
  10. That night my day was made before it even began.
    Overall, it was a perfect night, and I felt special for a full 24 hours and more!
  11. 🇺🇸🎆❤️
    Here's to this year.