Inspired by @serenity5x5, in drafts for forever, reminded of it by @amieshmamie, and reminded to post by @DG
  1. Lovely Rita
    Meter Maid— from The Beatles song. I was proud of this one! Really bummed I can't find a photo of it. I know there's one floating around the internet somewhere, but I can't find it because I don't think I was tagged in it.
  2. Julie from Zombies Ate My Neighbors
    Back in the day when I had a major tan thanks to marching season. I had to go to MySpace to find this guy. PS. Best SNES game of ALL TIME.
  3. Lucy Van Pelt
    My mom sewed a dress for the occasion. I think I still have it. My thrifted saddle shoes broke almost immediately.
  4. Krumm from Ahh! Real Monsters
    Super bummed about no photo of this one too. I felt like death that Halloween and was just super sick, so maybe that's why. I wore an oversized nude sweater, and used nude colored gloves and sewed homemade eyeballs onto them. They were rolling around somewhere for the longest time like the real life Krumm.
  5. Whatever this was.
    Our plan was to walk into the party with our masks on and say nothing. And eventually take our masks off and still say nothing. I love this photo. Missing this Pikachu this time of year though. ❤️
  6. Charlie Brown from The Great Pumpkin.
    Needed a last-minute costume. I cut holes in a sheet and carried a bag of rocks.
  7. Creepy carrot
    This was for school last year. We allow the kids to dress up as favorite characters from books and our librarian suggested we all dress up as a group as creepy carrots. I bought these giant google eyes and glued them to a giant orange shirt, tapered it at the bottom, and painted a mouth and carrot lines. It just so happens I scheduled my observation for that day. 😳 My VP appreciated it.
  8. Bellatrix Lestrange
    After school. I just drew a poor excuse for a dark mark on my arm, used my wand I made for a HP premiere, wore black, dark lipstick, and flipped my hair to the other side. It wasn't too convincing, but it worked.
  9. In a week, I'll need another literary based character. But I'll be gone Th-Sun and don't have much (ANY) prep time.