Drove some friends to my other friend Eric's show and tried out a memory palace to remember the order of songs! Inspired by @Nicholas' list (and Sherlock, kinda)
  1. First off: had to parallel park. Does anyone else turn their music down to do this? PS. It's been a long time, but no extra maneuvering needed! 😎
  2. I don't remember the names of most of the songs, but I associated something with each and that's what I used to remember.
  3. The Format- reminds me of, Nate and Sam in my garage.
  4. Charlie- reminds me of, HBO Girls Season One playing on my TV in my living room.
  5. Melanie- about, my friend (his gf) outside in my backyard.
  6. The Ramones- cover, "Do You Wanna Dance", playing on vinyl (I once had a vinyl b-day Backyard BBQ).
  7. Cheeks-about, their dog, inside eating my cat's food in the kitchen.
  8. (At this point I may have forgotten a song. Not positive. I'll confirm later.)
  9. Pedal- contains, loop pedal in the music room.
  10. Calendar- semi-title, can't find pedal, calendar in my room. Check the date to see when the pedal was last used, Thursday.
  11. Sweet Simplicity- title, oh! Duh! It's simply at Eric's!
  12. Not sure I did this right. 🙃
  13. But it was fun, entertaining, and kept me extra engaged!