This is really not a very good story because it was so long ago and I just don't remember, but I was inspired by @LeahG 's mention of Pottermore beta.
  1. It all began around Harry's 31st (I think) birthday.
    So really the 20th anniversary of when Harry learned he was a wizard! Hopefully that's accurate information. We made a Hagrid cake. I had just visited London, and was obsessed with digestives, so we made a terrible batch of those too. We also made pretty good butterbeer and wore our robes and wands we made for the sixth movie premiere. I still have mine somewhere... Definitely still have my tie I hand-painted blue and bronze.
  2. Stayed up and got our usernames. And, let's be honest, my username is definitely the best, or at least suits me quite well: thestralwing167
  3. And pretty much I only was concerned with my house.
    Ravenclaw, (phew!) of course.
  4. And my wand.
    Redwood, Phoenix feather core, 10 inches, unyielding.
  5. And I was so impatient and rushed through the beginning before getting to Ollivanders and the Sorting Hat.
    But not before getting a screech owl of my very own. Here's the cutest screech owl in the world. I only wish he were mine.
  6. And then came Potions.
  7. I was so bad. Like awful. Like I would have 100% cried every single day in Snape's class.
    I cried during my percussion tech class when I couldn't properly roll on a snare drum, and this was alone in a practice room, so just imagine my anxiety with Snape looming over me?? I could barely make the first potion with those stupid porcupine quills.
  8. I was better at charms, but not the most active user and earned like two house points.
  9. And then this email came.
    Umm. I didn't even know I was of an elite group until that email. Cool!
  10. And then this email came.
    This was pretty fun for a bit.
  11. And then this email came.
    I was informed by Twitter. ⁉️ Come on, Pottermore.
  12. And I've kind of boycotted Pottermore since first exploring these new changes, but maybe I'll explore some today.
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