1. Tuesday
    Flying to Seattle to spend a week with one of my favorite people. Got in around 8:30 and went to Kiss Cafe to meet some of his friends, who I enjoyed very much.
  2. Wednesday
    Jon had to work, so I got to venture on my own. Walked to a park and then to Tj Maxx because it was within walking distance and I forgot running shoes, body wash, and a laundry bag. Jon came home and we napped on my bed until Nathan came home. Then we had the most amazing sushi and went to a little park to watch the sunset. After, Nathan and I got to sit in on Jon's rehearsal with Abby Gundersen for a show on Friday. So beautiful. Such a wonderful evening.
  3. Thursday
    Jon and I woke up early and visited his favorite nursery in town. He bought a nice jasmine. I was jealous bc I had to get a little baby plant so I could take it home on the plane. We then met up with his friend Courtney to go on a nice little hike in Discovery Park. We went down to the lighthouse on the beach. Such beautiful views (notice Rainier). I got stuck in my head worrying about later that night SOCIAL ANXIETY?, but overall ended the night on a positive note.
  4. Friday
    Jon had to work again, so I went for a run to that little park on the lake in my new shoes. I was good for about a mile and a half until I got a blister. I stopped and just enjoyed the view before heading home. Nathan came home from work to pick me up and we headed down to The Triple Door where Jon would be playing later that night for a nice dinner and show. Their set was just gorgeous, and I'm so, so proud of him!
  5. Saturday
    Nathan and I went for breakfast at a nearby French bakery and then to a bookstore before he had to go to work. Jon works very early, so he couldn't come. I found "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time", which I was never able to read before I lost it. I took it with me to that park and had a pleasant afternoon reading by the lake. Jon got home and we went to dinner and came home to discuss being left handed (all three of us are), and writing styles. Then we watched Avatar.
  6. Sunday
    We went grocery shopping at a nearby store to cook dinner that night. Nathan went off into his piano world while I helped Jon make a delicious squash blossom soup. After, Jon took us to a cathedral. He took us to the stage/altar area and said we were gonna lay on the floor. I was a bit wary of it, but agreed. The choir there chanted some beautiful polyphonic works, and Jon said the first time he came they did Whitacre! Sorry about the pic. Quick snap.
  7. Monday
    I was trying to take my mind off of leaving the night before, because I can't leave Jon without crying, so I focused on my overstuffed carry-on bag, which was actually quite the problem! But this morning Jon woke up early to talk me through everything. Sat on my bed, told me how much he'll miss me and how he doesn't want me to go. Ugh. I miss him. Made it home around 1 am.