Tonight. Playing piano and Orff instruments and also singing with my friend Eric at a venue where cool kids play.
  1. "My friend Celeste will be joining me tonight..."
    "Whoooo!" <<<That was KT. God, I don't think KT likes me. I think she thinks I don't like her. I promise I just live inside of my own head always.
  2. Uh oh. I think Lauren and Mel are still outside.
    *text text text*
  3. Oh. Shit. Don't forget what a piano is. You've been playing these chords for forever. Don't forget. You forget sometimes. Don't forget.
  4. Okay cool. Good initial attack. Correct chord.
    Oh shit. Oh shit. Here comes that one part that you haven't fucked up in so long but you used to and omg what if you do now? The piano in this song is super simple and if you fuck up the one semi difficult thing, you'll look like you suck. Which I mean, you don't not, but don't fuck up.
  5. Okay, got it. Cool.
    Oh shit. That lone E was so loud. Shhhhhh!
  6. Motherfucker. I forgot that this one part is probably the hardest of this whole song. Remember F# at the end! Fuck.
    Oh good. You got that too.
  7. Okay, the rest of this song is smooth sailing...
    God, you are such a square. Like this is the most nerdy piano I've ever heard.
  8. And this nerdy piano goes on for soooo long.
    Okay, time for your glockenspiel solo.
  9. Fuck fuck fuck. I immediately realized I stepped away from my piano too early. What do I do? Like waaay too early. I guess I'm just gonna stand here like the biggest dork ever in the world until Eric catches up.
    Or just stand awkwardly. That's more my style.
  10. Fuck. This is going on forever. Here's a cadence. I'm just gonna go for it. Fucking hope Eric knows what I'm doing.
    Fuck. I mean he caught it. Good job, Eric. But shit this solo is not going great. Like it's fine. But these new mallets are just sometimes being wonderful and sometimes being super stuffy. Hmm... I mean, it must be me since they're fine sometimes...
  11. Okay, song over. Applause. Smile, Celeste. Say something, Celeste. Look at someone, Celeste.
    Jesus, everyone is gonna think you're a bitch. Fuck. It's hot. Like I'm sweating. I wonder if they can tell. Fuck.
  12. Okay, more glockenspiel for this song... Nice resonant chord there!
    But fuck what is wrong with these mallets?!
  13. Okay, but also don't fuck up those chords! Ugh. You fucked up. Ugh. You fucked up again. I mean, luckily it wasn't totally awful and kind of fit within the chord so... but it is not correct.
    Okay, at least you remembered Eric's weird form there. Weird good.
  14. Okay, fuck up some more chords, weird stuffy moments in mallet land. Overall fine I guess.
  15. Okay next! My favorite/the scariest. Two mallets in one hand on glock, one on metallophone.
    Oh shit. Wrong song. You forgot to write that other shit down! Thank god you weren't so nervous that you forgot how to do anything. This song is fine to do this with. Forget about it i mean. Metallophone shit is suuuuper easy though. Shit. Still so hot.
  16. Oh motherfucker. You totally forgot how to end this song like you and Eric discussed a few hours ago.
    But you smiled and made a cute oops face at Eric and people laughed. Good. They don't think you're a bitch at least.
  17. And you're totally forgetting the ambient noise you also discussed, but I mean Eric is lucky I remember the setlist so.
  18. Okay anyway. NOW my favorite/OMG most difficult.
    Okay, these mallets though. What is up? They were perfect earlier. Okay, I think I got it. Mostly.
  19. Oh shit. Missed that F#.
    Someone laughed at your face. Well at least your faces are endearing. Or like you look like an idiot. Stop reacting to your mistakes. It's so bad.
  20. Okay, this quiet part that really allows my metallophone/glockenspiel stuff to cut through is scary. Like don't fuck it up. Everyone is listening. Come on mallets! Don't be stuffy, just these four bars or something!
    Cool. Thanks, mallets. I just wish you weren't so big around so I could reach that little baby glockenspiel third.
  21. Okay cool! Fuck missed an F# again. Very unnoticeable. Don't make a face.
  22. Don't miss the last E. Dont miss the last E. either E. OMGOMGOMG.
    Whew. Got it. Okay. Less hot.
  23. Oh shit! More piano. No ambient sound again. Oh, I hope this chord is correct. Eric and his weird ass chords.
    Okay good. It is. Eric is telling a story anyway. About my parents! Aww, I wish they were here. So does Eric. He dedicated this song to my parents, aww. They really are the best.
  24. But damn my piano is so loud and Eric is playing waaaaaay quieter than he ever has during this song.
    Okay, adjust your volume stealthily.
  25. Yeah, smooth. i.e. Yeah, right, not all all. Just totally stop playing for a second. Yeah, stealth. 🙄
    Okay, I remember all of these chords. Now if my part wasn't so dorky again. Like basically I think up the most losery piano parts ever. 🙄
  26. But it's fine where Eric does his solo. It sounds fine during that so...
    And also, good job catching Eric at the right time for that fermata. That's super hit and miss. Hit this time. Oh shit. I can't really hear Eric. When will I know when to stop?
  27. Celeste, you have eyes. Watch Eric to know when to stop.
    Okay, you got it, but that also could've gone way smoother as far as stopping and final chord goes.
  28. Okay. Last song.
    Eric is talking again. Ugh. It's so fucking hot. Apparently Melanie threw a paper airplane at you, but it definitely did not reach you. But aww, Mel! Paper airplane request! 😘
  29. I won't open it yet since we still have another song, but I can see a bit. I think it says "Hey Judeance" LOLOL.
    We've discussed doing Dear Prudence but Mel thought we learned Hey Jude, so we tried to mash it up lyrically and melodically between sets, just being dumb. It hurt my brain. But "Hey Judeance"? 😂😂😂
  30. Last song. Smile Away.
    Celeste. Stop smirking. Like stop almost laughing. This song isn't funny. But the airplane... At least it's easy to play.
  31. Okay, Eric is telling the Ben Folds paper airplane story. Cool Eric. The one thing I feel comfortable talking about and you take it away from me.
    Open the plane. "Dear Prudance". Show the audience the request. Be a normal person!
  32. "we have to honor the Prudence request!"
    🤦🏽‍♀️God Celeste. Don't talk anymore... *sigh*
  33. Okay here we go. Metallophone and your voice.
    Okay, not a great end of last note of first verse, but generally not bad.
  34. Okay good job. Your voice is working today. Thank god.
  35. Ooooh. Really nice long note this time. Second verse.
  36. And good harmonization.
    But fuck forgot to play Eric's harmonization part. I doubled it on metallophone because he keeps forgetting it. Sorry Eric. He didn't sing it at all. I sang my part. It was good.
  37. And nice ending metallophone chords.
    Eric fucked up and even said sorry, but I killed that song. Finally. Thanks, ya'll.
  38. Compliments on my voice after.
    Like it did sound pretty good, but I still don't think my voice is pretty. KT said so though, and she has a cute little voice. Thanks, KT and others.
  39. Conclusion:
    My fucking brain, man. How do people do this for a living? I could never.
  40. Also
    Thanks for inviting me to play on your music, Eric. It was really fun! Hope you don't kick me out of the band.