My (Way Too Much Fun For Me) Mini-Lesson

For first grade elementary music.
  1. So I've realized that my first graders don't understand that high/low does not equal loud/quiet, respectively...
    After totally planning my lessons this week around that understanding I thought that they all had.
  2. So I took to YouTube
    "High low voice" + search
  3. And up comes this video.
    Nate Ruess "Great Big Storm". A song I'm okay with listening to all week.
  4. LOL #1.
  5. Same song in a high, sped-up voice and a low, slowed-down voice.
    But same tempo. Perfect.
  6. But then I decide that these voices need characters.
    Ant and elephant?
  7. Pfft.
  8. ...
  9. ...
  11. Playing to girls' interests, boys' interests, and my interests!
  12. Does this sound seem more Tinkerbell or Darth?
    I'm gonna be saying this a lot this week. And I'm so ready for it.
  13. Note to self: could be a nice intro to bass and soprano.