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  1. My best friend @eddielikespink is the best. She just gave me a plant I've been searching for for years but could never find.
    Give him a few days. He was in a cardboard box for two weeks.
  2. And this!
    From 1971.
  3. Static
  4. Static
    The illustrations are the best!
  5. Static
  6. And this!
    Because of my love of the List App.
  7. Some examples:
  8. Things to Do with an Extra Hour
  9. Things I Want Accomplished 10 Years From Now
  10. Favorite Things That Are Red
  11. Favorite Slang Words
  12. Urban Legends
  13. Grossest Things Ever
  14. Dancers
  15. Things About Disney
  16. Best Free Things in Life
  17. Mysteries I Wish Were Solved
  18. Smartphone Apps
    Hi, li.st!
  19. Examples of Why Aliens Exist
  20. Most Beautiful City Skylines
  21. Guitarists
  22. Drinks
  23. Landmarks
  24. Scariest Logos
  25. Things I Want but Don't Need
  26. Things I Should Do but I Don't
  27. So I want to fill this with your lists!
    I'll add your answers and names to my book!
  28. And I'll be doing some as well when I get lister's block.
  29. There are a ton!
    Like this list and I'll try to select a subject I think you'll enjoy. If you want a specific one listed, just let me know in the comments!
  30. I'm feeling overwhelmed now.
    But this will be fun?