Quick list from last night. He just kills me. I used a memory palace to remember the order of this through the movie last night. Still surprised it works!
  1. Plants
    I'm pretty sure I first fell in love with him when he and Jacob first go down into the case and he's experimenting with his plants and herbs to make antidotes. ❤️💀
  2. Animals
    But then we see all of his gorgeous creatures and how much he loves every one of them and how much they love him too. ❤️💀
  3. Not people
    I'm not really a people person, and I probably should be with a people person to contrast that, but I'm also 💯 fine with playing with the creatures all day. And Newt. ❤️💀
  4. Nurturing
    UGHHHH. And when he goes to the baby occamy nest and says, "mum's here, mum's here." ❤️💀
  5. Trust issues
    I do love though how he forms a bond with Jacob, however subtle it is. In fact, I love that it is so subtle. The way he asks about people and gently shares with him and others about himself. ❤️💀
  6. Moves
    OMG and I love the way he moves. Long and lanky has been my thing since Jack Skellington when I was like four. And his mating dance with the erumpet?? Love it. ❤️💀
  7. (Side: I can't stand how petty the president is.)
  8. Intelligence
    Mental and emotional. How he knows so much about the creatures, obviously. How he uses the Swooping Evil so effortlessly and at the right time. How he knows exactly when and where to apparate to while Creedence is throwing an obscurial tantrum, and how he knows what say to him. ❤️💀
  9. Awkward
    Adorably so. LOVE THIS. OH HOW I WISH I WAS TINA. ❤️💀
  10. And of course
  11. THIS.
    Actually one second later when they cuddle. ❤️💀
  12. This was only the first rewatch, but I think I need at least ten more. ❤️💀
    I need all the Newt in my life. Anyone know a real life Newt? Send him my way plz. ❤️💀