Inspired by @mirthnuts
  1. I did some early list reading last night, but didn't know which direction to take after my initial dive, so I thought making my own and going off of this would be a helpful solution without being too overwhelming.
  2. I also like @dustinboone 's idea of linking your favorite lists that were neglected or passed by.
  3. Please add yours. Here are mine:
  4. First list. I thought it was pretty good.
  5. An airport story.
  6. Ben Folds
  7. Old draft. Remembering great times in a vulnerable state.
  8. Listing out my most anxious day in a long time.
  9. I've realized that I like these lists because they are all quite personal and these memories and feelings are important to me.
  10. Add yours!
  11. To me happiness is
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester