I didn't sleep well last night. Just thinking about everything that's going to be different.
  1. No one to cry and scratch the door frames up.
  2. No one to knock plants off of my windowsill or squish them because he's too fat.
  3. No one to bring geckos inside to play with.
  4. No one to randomly scoop up and sit in my lap like a baby because I know he hates it, but won't do anything about it.
  5. No one to tell to "be nice" because he's growling. He then immediately stops briefly after shushing, but will growl again after a few seconds. A never ending cycle.
  6. No one to kick at me like a bunny when I touch his tummy.
  7. No one to vengefully attack my ankles because I was intentionally petting him in a way he doesn't like.
  8. No one to ask for water from the faucet.
  9. No one to smell literally everything that comes through the door.
  10. No one to run to the garage every time the doorbell rings because he's terrified of strangers.
  11. No one to greet us when he knows we're home.
  12. No one to keep you company when you're home alone and the other cats are outside.
  13. No one to jump on the arm of a chair or a desk or table to ask for petting.
  14. No one to follow his master everywhere, all around the house.
    My dad. ❤️
  15. No one to take afternoon naps with.
    My mom. ❤️
  16. No one to sleep lazily on his back with his feet curled in the air.
  17. No one to ask to be let out of a room by scratching up the door in the early morning hours.
  18. No one to open the bay windows for so that he can stare outside.
  19. No one to keep the door ajar for so that he can push it open to hurry back inside after thirty seconds because something scared him.
  20. No one to follow Cooper around.
  21. No one to "play" with The Little Cat.
  22. No one to stare at the other cats like they're crazy when they get catnip.
  23. God, Rocky was a good cat. I hated him half the time because he was so bad, but he was so good.
  24. I never knew I'd miss him so much.
    And it's hard enough for me and I didn't even like him half the time? Ugh. My parents loved that cat.
  25. 💔