1. Okay, I've been obsessed with these for a while, ASOS.
  2. And I see they even come in a jumpsuit.
  3. But like...
    And the separates are similarly priced. I can't do that for something I only wear to bed.
  4. So they just sit in my saved items.
  5. But today, I search co-ords, because I also love me a matching set.
  6. And see
  7. Static
  8. Static
  9. Static
  10. And yeah, pajama dressing, but who decides if they're PJs or PJ-inspired?
    Pajama dressing? 👀 or 🙄? I lean toward the latter generally...
  11. But you're telling me that because the models are pairing heels with these, it's an outfit?
  12. And because mine are on a barefoot model, they're only pajamas?
  13. So here's my question... if I invest in my pajamas and add heels, does it become pajama dressing?
    And therefore also an acceptable outfit?
  14. Because I love them so.
  15. Who am I kidding though? I'd never wear them in public even if I did get them.
    Ugh. They're so pretttttty.
  16. I don't even wear these floral pants anymore bc a four year old asked why I wore my pajamas to school once.
  17. 😞 That is all.