1. First off, I'd love to hear suggestions on what to do in Philadelphia!
    I'm here for the weekend visiting a friend!
  2. We will also be going to New Haven for Regina Spektor's show on Saturday at 8 PM.
  3. He just moved to the area. Being from the Southwest, we're used to a bit of traveling for shows. We are, however, afraid of getting caught in traffic, something we are not used to! Any suggestions on routes or safe times to leave?
    Would leaving Saturday morning be an okay option? What time of day is generally the lease trafficky?
  4. And in case we get there super early, any suggestions on what to do in New Haven?
  5. Now I just hope more than zero people see this without the relist option. 😕
  6. Thanks for your help!
  7. Take me with you?
    Suggested by @quixotic
  8. My top Philly suggestion is tune a radio to 88.5 WXPN while you're there - my favorite NPR station in the country!
    Suggested by @veshecco