@eddielikespink and I don't take many photos, and the ones we take aren't great, but here they are anyway because I love her. ❤️
  1. Static
    We're definitely really cool.
  2. Static
    And proud.
  3. Static
    And babies.
  4. Static
    And we made annual Christmas sweaters and don't actually kiss.
  5. Static
    But we did swing at the park.
  6. Static
    And we made more Christmas sweaters/outfits.
  7. Static
    And spent New Year's in London.
  8. Static
    And we celebrated my graduation with Lauren's mom and a giraffe.
  9. Static
    And we stood next to giant Andy Warhol soup cans in CO.
  10. Static
    We also made more Christmas garb.
  11. Static
    We celebrated Lauren's graduation with her poodle, Louis.
  12. Static
    And I went to Franklin, TN to visit. This is at the Natchez Trace bridge.
  13. Static
    And I left TN to go back home. 😢
  14. Static
    But it's fine, because we do some more Christmas-ing when she comes back into town.
  15. Static
    Here are the finished products from that year.
  16. Static
    I go back to Nashville often. And we met Ben Folds!!! This is the first time.
  17. Static
    We walked through flower-lined paths.
  18. Static
    And went to wedding rehearsal dinners.
  19. Static
    And weddings.
  20. Static
    And we went on last-minute trips to see Ben.
  21. And I'm so glad she's my best friend because she's wonderful. ❤️
  22. And I'm going to Nashville to see her again next weekend! ✈️