Plants I Need to Have

Replacement plant time yet again.
  1. Summer in New Mexico for me means replacing all of my favorite plants who valiantly fought for their lives against the harsh summer sun.
    And who succumbed to their demise in part because I notice that they're a bit sad, freak out, and overwater.
  2. New Fabian aralia.
    My newest casualty. 😢
  3. New variegated pothos.
    Not quite, but side note: PLANT. STANDS.
  4. This is what I had. But bigger. Waaaay bigger. Damn New Mexico summers. 😢
  5. New maidenhair fern.
    I had that poor baby for such a long time. 😢
  6. New button fern.
  7. New gardenia.
    Mine is actually doing okay, but oh how I miss the days of numerous and never-ending blooms.
  8. New jasmine.
  9. New jade.
    I had a bitty sprig who is looking quite sad.
  10. New alyssum.
    Bagrada bug massacre. An annual attack. They didn't make it. 😢
  11. New friends.
    It's time.