Inspired by @ShawnKelly @Boogie @quixotic @veshecco. All I've read so far, but here I go for more!
  1. Because I was born three and a half months premature, am the youngest sibling, and have probably been spoiled all of my life.
    Especially by my dad.
  2. Because I was so excited to begin school, I always did my brother's projects with him.
    He's a year older than me, so I was four, doing my own version of all of the kindergartener's assignments. Mine was always better.
  3. Because one time I didn't want to leave the carpet in kindergarten because I had accidentally peed my pants.
    But played it cool. "No, I actually don't want to go read now (coming from the best and most excited-to-read reader in the class). I'll just keep playing with these stupid blocks forever, thanks." I think luckily my teacher understood and let me stay so I wouldn't be embarrassed.
  4. Because I really wanted to ride the bus, so my mom would drop me off at the bus stop down the road and then drive my brother to school.
    But I told my mom I didn't want to anymore despite my previous excitement because a little girl was pinching me. She was jealous of my bear backpack.
  5. Because I once cried because I saw that I wrote some puff paint lettering on my shirt backwards.
    I was looking at it in the mirror and didn't actually. I was so confused and thought I was going crazy when I looked back at the shirt.
  6. Because despite that, I was placed in Gifted in first grade and got pulled out periodically to do cool brain puzzles and activities until fifth grade.
    Once I got to middle school it was no longer fun, haha.
  7. Because I was an insufferable know it all until I became incredibly self-conscious in third grade.
  8. Because my best friends in elementary school were my Grandpa and the neighborhood cats. I always made my Grandpa help search for rolly pollies along the backyard wall and sat with at church on Sundays. I would sprawl out on the sidewalk and the neighborhood cats would come to me.
  9. Because the cute coach's kid asked me to dance every day while two-stepping in PE.
  10. Because I wanted to play trumpet and instead chose clarinet.
    So glad I stuck with clarinet rather than trumpet though, sorry.
  11. Because one time my friend turned around while we were walking to get lunch in middle school and said, "why are you always following us??"
    I'm pretty sure she was talking to the girl who was always following me, but I was never sure and have always worried that people don't actually like me ever since.
  12. Because in middle school, my mom once told me I can't wear something because I don't look like my mostly tall, white friends.
  13. Because I sucked at marching when I was a freshman, but I was a good clarinetist, so I had my own spot in the marching band show, and it was stressful.
    I eventually got much better. But I like was awful. I once crashed into the drum line.
  14. Because I met my best friend through band and we became close through orchestra.
    And we were the biggest nerds and preferred to hang out with the teachers and directors rather than our peers.
  15. Because said best friend and I were section leaders together and invented Clarinet Cla-Thursday.
    And had annual t-shirt making parties.
  16. Because we also had annual Christmas sweater making parties when HS was over.
    That turned into random ugly Christmas garb parties. Up until very recently.
  17. Because I fell in love with the choir student teacher my senior year who was very obviously gay.
    No joke, 👀 is me every time I saw him at All-State before he started student teaching spring semester. Like to the point that it was real creepy. He saw me. I continued staring. No shame.
  18. Because I then befriended him because 😍.
    And refused to call him Mr. *last name*. "No, it's Robby!" (RAAAHHHHBBY) I'm about to graduate? We're gonna be friends. Why bother?
  19. Because I then took piano lessons with him and made damn sure I was his best student.
    That knowledge is mostly gone now.
  20. Because then we became really good friends. That was ruined two years later after he somehow developed feelings for me and we acted upon that. Whoops.
    I was also very conflicted about that whole predicament because I was and am very unsure of where I stand in faith in regards to all that happened.
  21. Because since then, I have a type.
    Possibly/probably/most definitely gay. And I want what I want! 😫
  22. Because I then fell hard for a sometimes naive, very sweet Christian boy with a conservative upbringing.
    And ❓ He told me that he decided that he's never going to pursue any relationship. He's one of my best friends, and will mostly likely stay true to that statement.
  23. Because I wonder.
  24. Because I can't make a decision to save my life.
  25. Because I will almost always go well out of my way so that I don't inconvenience anyone.
    With what I say or with what I do.
  26. And also because I'm still embarrassed about what I did or said like thirteen or five or eight or two years ago.
    Or ten seconds ago...
  27. Because I teach elementary music to K-2nd grade and see 600 little ones 2x a week.
    Because that age group is the worst.
  28. Because I worked from 4:30-midnight volunteering at the county fair after school Friday and Saturday, exchanging germs through handling $10K worth of various people's cash and credit cards each night.
    Because those people are the worst.
  29. Because I accidentally fell asleep on my white sheets last night and woke up at three in the morning, jumped out of bed, and had to immediately launder all my bedding and blankets before it all stains. I got little sleep after that.
    Because periods are the worst.
  30. Because I'm going to Philadelphia next weekend and probs Seattle around Halloween and get penalized for any and all days off we take, sick days or not.
    Because PED in NM is the worst and also I feel guilty anytime I'm not at school.
  31. (^^^ last four: why I'm like deathly ill and still at school despite my lack of singing/speaking voice.)