Rocky (Raccoon) 🐱

We just found our guy hit by a car. 💔
  1. This was the day he came to us.
    My dad's birthday, July 13th, 2011.
  2. He was a sweet boy.
    And named after the Beatles song because he was raccoon-like as a kitten.
  3. He was always getting himself into trouble.
  4. He loved following his BFF Cooper around.
  5. This was his favorite sleeping position.
  6. ❤️
  7. He loved paper.
    And being the center of attention.
  8. He loved boxes.
  9. And loved to look outside.
  10. Did I mention he loved sleeping?
  11. 💤
  12. And he loved my plants.
  13. 🌿
  14. We picked on him sometimes.
    But we loved him.
  15. He was such a great little guy.
  16. Who (still) loved sleeping like this.
  17. And hanging out with his friends.
    /picking on them, especially LC.
  18. Friends.
  19. 🌿
  20. He literally smelled everything.
  21. 💤
  22. He also loved fitting that fat little butt of his into the smallest of places.
  23. Caught in the act.
    Rarely did he enter my room.
  24. I'm really gonna miss him. ❤️
    He was definitely the most fun and made the day interesting.
  25. And God, he loved my parents. He and I were kind of sworn enemies and I picked on him a bunch, but I really did love him.
    I already am missing his presence. He was always around, doing something dumb or cute, annoying me... and now it's just empty.
  26. He rarely went outside, but when he did, he stayed out late. He usually was in the backyard though.
    My dad loved that cat. He would stay up calling for him until he came inside. He's the one who found him. They were like best friends. And he and my mom would hang out all day and nap together. I really wish he wouldn't have decided to go across the street. 💔
  27. Fucking assholes speeding through the damn neighborhood...