Oh shit (town!)!
  1. Hey Serial/This American Life listeners!
    Has anyone been listening to S-Town?
  2. I've meant to, just haven't yet.
  3. I'm listening now, at the end of the first episode, and I just heard (and also saw on IG) that my friend wrote some music for it!
    And I use the term friend very, very loosely, since if we were real friends, obviously I would've known about this long ago. Daniel Hart is friends with one of my best friend's best friend. Daniel once remembered my name for two weeks. (So I guess if you remember my name, you're my friend 🙃 lolol. That's really not true. I barely consider my friends my friends, haha) I also have the biggest crush on his relationship. He and his girlfriend are the fuuuucking coolest.... she did the artwork. 👇🏽
  4. DanielHartMusic.bandcamp.com
  5. Also the rest of his music is amazing.
    Some faves (which is most of these albums):
  6. Daniel Hart- The Orientalist
    Okay but really, listen to this entire album. It's sooooooo great.
  7. O Sangeeta
  8. Van Gogh Sher Gil
  9. Black Licorice (always his first song, calling us back into the living room at house shows)
  10. Happy Forever
  11. Get Me The Actress From Calcutta
  12. The Orientalist
  13. Dark Rooms- Dark Rooms
    Same about this album.
  14. Olga Kurylenko
  15. Beyond The Lens
  16. Keep It Inside (FUCK... Also, watching him work those damn pedals, man)
  17. Dans Le Noir
  18. Give Up Give In
  19. New song: I Get Overwhelmed (also FUCKING GREAT)