Inspired by @veshecco
  1. When you nuzzle your face into the person you wake up next to.
    (Or cat.)
  2. When you lie there and listen to that person's breathing.
    (Or cat. Guys, it's just been a while. I'm not gonna consider myself a crazy cat lady juuuuuust yet.)
  3. When you slide your hand between your blanketed knees for a bit more cushion and comfort as you are curled up after just waking up.
    (Can you tell I started this list when I woke up next to my cat?)
  4. When you catch the first few little pops from the vinyl before an album begins.
  5. When you listen to an orchestra tuning.
  6. When you open the packaging of a brand new reed.
    Playing the reed is an entirely different story since it's more often than not the spawn of Satan. Or at least his second cousin.
  7. Yep. That minute before it starts to hurt thing is so accurate.
  8. Freshly clipped fingernails.
  9. Walking barefoot on the warm sidewalk
  10. Or the cool grass on a summer day in March.
    (Damn. Yesterday's date would've been more effective.)
  11. Watching the water seep out of the drainage holes of freshly watered plants.
  12. Taking. Off. Pants.
  13. Fingertips on bare skin.
  14. Static