Inspired by @roche —forgot about this draft! ... so far so good, mostly?
  1. Run/Exercise.
    Preferably mornings, but after school is okay too. I feel soooooooo much better when I do.
  2. Eat.
    Better. Trying to do veg at least 3x a week, but really I just need to eat healthier again, because, again, I feel better when I do.
  3. Sleep.
    I really just hate sleeping, but I'm aware that it's a problem.
  4. And more specifically:
  5. Nashville visit to solidify class schedule at Belmont.
    Over spring break.
  6. Also Regina Spektor.
    At the Ryman in March over spring break (primary reason for Nashville visit, tbh)
  7. Orff Level III and with that, Orff certification.
    This summer. Somewhere. Not NM. So far nowhere enticing is available though/yet.
  8. Visit friends (and spend time with the ones still here) from now until July, before I become too poor, bc...
  9. Move to Nashville.
    Still a bit unsure. Though I do think it's the right choice, I'll just say for now. And if it isn't going to ultimately work for me, figure out somewhere that will, and not let the fear of making the wrong decision stop me from making progress because it is time to...
  10. FINALLY began my journey with music therapy.