AKA Boys I Would Like to Handcuff Myself To/Things I'm Into This Week/Always?
  1. Still reeling from Fantastic Beasts, I read an Eddie Redmayne interview...
  2. Hmm... I am so into that.
    In so many different combinations.
  3. Let's talk fictional characters...
  4. Newt Scamander
    Guys, I'm maybe the most into him than any other fictional character ever. And I've always just been on the fence about Eddie Redmayne. Plus, he's a Hufflepuff.
  5. Sherlock
    And let's talk about how into Sherlock, this (post drug den) one in particular, I am. Or when he flips in The Hounds of Baskerville (on now!) or just always.
  6. Moriarty
    Damaged doesn't even begin to describe him. So into it.
  7. Jess Mariano
    Yes. Not a people person and definitely damaged. I love it. Forever Team Jess.
  8. Seth Cohen
    Captain Oats and Seth, ya'll. Adorably awkward in every way.
  9. Mark Cohen
    "Sorry. Excuse me. Oops!..." "And you are?" "Oh I'm not... I'm just here to... I don't have... I'm here with..."
  10. Spencer Reid
  11. Oliver Thredson
  12. Dandy
    Not proud of this one.
  13. Adam Sackler
    Yesss. Adam is the epitome of this description.
  14. Let's talk musicians...
  15. Ben Folds
    Just watch his feet when he speaks... he also can't keep a wife, so that's something...
  16. Sufjan Stevens
    I mean...
  17. And every real life person since like 2007.
  18. Like, yeah, they're attractive, but it is so much those traits that do it for me. If they were even a little bit more normally functioning humans, I wouldn't be into it. Broken sooooo works for me.
  19. What does this say about me as a person?
    Probably that I am also socially kind of awkward, struggle with human relationships, and am kind of damaged.