Let's go with "became more obsessed with" for me. Inspired by @michael_circa91
  1. I heavily rotate the discography of the person I'm about to see in concert the week before/on the flight over so that I'm fully prepared. I listen to their setlist after to help take it all in. I'm often surprised at what I love in the moment and how my feelings about certain songs change.
  2. Come Thou Fount/Christmas Unicorn- Sufjan Stevens
    Ughhhhhhh. I was in a giant, perfect church service surrounded by the voices of angels the entire night. Well, that's not true. It also became the most fun dance party you could attend with the weirdest and best of all the Sufjan lovers. Come Thou Fount was the most impactful hymn and maybe moment of that night, and Christmas Unicorn without question the most crazy fun. I made a playlist with just those two songs after and listened to it over and over until Christmas.
  3. Runner-up: everything else
  4. Don't Pass Me By- The Beatles
    Aww, Ringo. I've always hated this song. Okay, I won't say hate. But I really always want to just skip it because I mean... the surrounding songs are just better. For some reason, I was suuuuuper into it when I saw him perform it. I even sought it out out of context of the rest of the White Album. 😳
  5. Runner-up: Photograph
  6. Horchata- Vampire Weekend
    Actually, the opposite happened with this one. I love Horchata, and I especially appreciate the instrument stuff between the chorus and verses, but at the concert, the vocals were so prominent in a way I'd never noticed. It was distracting and I was just not feeling it.
  7. Runner-up: everything else
  8. Selfless, Cold, And Composed- Ben Folds
    This was when I saw Ben perform with the Nashville ballet. It was a perfect night and the ballet really highlighted the beauty of this song for me. I always liked it okay, but it became the most played on the flight home.
  9. Runner-up: Zak and Sara (I think maybe that's all they did?)
  10. Table for One- Courtney Marie Andrews
    This was forever ago when Courtney was passing through and played a show with my friend Jon. It was just released last year on her current album. It's been one of my favorites of hers for years, so I'm glad I can replay it without being a creep anymore.
  11. Steven's Last Night In Town- Ben Folds
    Okay, the clarinet and I are so hot and cold. One moment I regret ever choosing to play it because it's the worst, the next it's all I ever want to do because it's perfect. Immediately after hearing this live with an incredible clarinetist, I always only ever want to play clarinet for the rest of forever.
  12. Runner-up: Not a Fan
  13. The Owl and the Tanager- Sufjan Stevens
    I thought this song was beautiful before, but holy fuck I WAS OBSESSED after being in the same room while Sufjan sang it. Jesus Christ.
  14. Runner-up: Should Have Known Better
  15. Grand Hotel- Regina Spektor
    A strong contender for top 5 upon the first few listens of Remember Us To Life, but definitely not my favorite. It was the first song she played from her new album at the show, and that performance has kept it in top 4 probably, but only because the other three are so damn good (The Trapper and the Furrier, Seller of Flowers, The Light, Grand Hotel).
  16. Also The Light though.
  17. Runner-up: Hotel Song
  18. Erase Me- Ben Folds
    FUCK. ING. FUCK. BEN. Live with yMusic was always fine, but live after Ben and a Piano? Goddamn. I sat out on the porch in the rain with this on repeat the morning after that show. For at least forty minutes.
  19. Runner-up: Bastard
  20. TBD- Regina again!!!!! ❤
  21. TBD- Regina and Ben TOGETHER