1. you can't really tell, but I wore a green dress, cargidan, tights, and shoes. I was recreating Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed for my costume at school today.
    We had to dress up as a children's book character and I use this book in the springtime for a movement activity. It's about the seeds' journey. Tiny seed turns into a giant flower at the end.
  2. I had a flower on my head, but I broke it during the solfege part of a warm-up using sol too many times (S=sol and is on the head using Curwen hand signs- S-M, S-M-S-M, S-L-S-M, S-M-D, D-M-S, etc.—lots of sol.)
    The green things are leaves and I had seeds stapled to me (forgot pins). The tiny seed was taped to my glasses.
  3. So then I started telling kids I was just a stem.
    And I realized...
  4. With seeds.
  5. Stems and Seeds?
  6. Not quite over Ben from Friday night yet?
  7. 😉