I'm so tired of the same old elementary music stuff, so this year I decided to use my own music. I have to be careful, but I use quite a bit of Sufjan and I hope to be creating little @michael_circa91 s. (Descriptions are partially for me in case I ever forget.)
  1. Static
  2. Redford
    So perfect for slow, introspective solo movement or partner mirroring. I have to set it to repeat because it's pretty short.
  3. Static
  4. In the Devil's Territory
    This song is used for an introductory movement improvisation and imitation activity.
  5. He Woke Me Up Again
    Steady beat song. I like this one for rhythm sticks and dynamics. Maybe shouldn't use because of the hallelujahs...
  6. We Won't Need Legs to Stand
    Another steady beat song, but I want to figure out how to use this for a non-standing, possibly movement activity (no legs? They'll like that.)
  7. Static
  8. Concerning the UFO Sighting
    This song is just so good. I use it for tip toeing into the classroom, despite the strange meter (fave part).
  9. Man of Metropolis
    Kids (generally boys) are so into that guitar. A smart boy was like, "Man of Steel? Is this about Superman?" And I was real impressed because he's six!
  10. The Predatory Wasp
    Currently using this for a preschool scarf locomotor/non-locomotor, butterfly/flower activity. This song has a childlike innocence to it, so it's just perfect. Teachers listening to lyrics might be like 🤔, but whatever.
  11. The Tallest Man, the Broadest Shoulders
    Without fail, upon hearing the first notes, the kids say, "Charlie Brown!" This has worked well to teach a broad AB or ABA form for review in second grade.
  12. Static
  13. Vesuvius
    The kids definitely think this is weird, and they only hear the first minute or two. Futile Devices won't work for them either, so I don't go any further into Age of Adz.
  14. Static
  15. Sister Winter
    I'm obsessed with this song in the winter. One day, I decided on a whim to use this for a snowflake movement activity and I just loved what the kids did with it. I was nervous about using it for a concert, but it was perfect. Their shadows are projected on a large screen and their movements and details of their snowflakes are all the audience sees. They're so attentive to the mood of this song. Watching the kids from backstage, I even noticed three girls singing along. Mini-Sufjan fans! ❤️
  16. Joy to the World
    I use this as background music before my winter performance. It's just so simple and beautiful.
  17. Static
  18. Sleigh Ride
    Uh. Yeah, this is the way I introduce Sleigh Ride to them.