(Usually a half day, not today!) Always for me means...🌿
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    The sun did this— no filter. 👏🏽☀️
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    Please meet:
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    Silver splash philodendron
    My big guy.
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    Variegated pothos
    I wanted a big guy of him initially, but then I discovered Silver Splash.
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    Asparagus fern
    I've never owned one and never quite liked them, but my friends keep theirs alive, and this poor little guy was all alone and only $3.
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    Maidenhair fern
    Ugh. This picture does no justice. Maidenhair is my heart. It's my absolute favorite fern, and I was so sad when the one I had for ages started slowly dying.
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    Button fern
    I usually get a different variety, I guess, with deeper green leaves that are more cutely spaced, but this guy is okay.
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    Little succulent guy
    Unsure what this is. Red edges make me think it's jade, but it's not a deep green. Not really all that concerned either way. Random succulent that was the healthiest of the lot.
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    Little baby cactus
    What?? (Celeste hates cacti, guys. But he's so cute!)
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    PS. S/O to my brother and his girlfriend for getting me a gift card to my favorite nursery last Christmas. S/O to myself for finding it two days before it expires.