1. My friend and I were walking through our college campus last night, just trying to catch em' all.
  2. We'd just turned on some lucky eggs, so we were trying to get as much done as quickly as possible.
  3. When I suddenly feel something cold at the inside of my foot...
  4. Right at the opening of my shoe. Could it be from the sprinklers? No. It feels heavier than water. And my heart sinks. I think know what it is.
  5. But I investigate anyway. I probe between the inner lining of my trainer and my foot and...
  7. The worst, just the worst.
    Sound, feeling. All of it.
  8. I stabbed it. And now it's dead, crushed, and pasted to the top of my foot, a bit deeper than where the tongue of my trainer meets the laces.
  9. I scream and scurry to my friend awkwardly, kicking my shoe off.
  10. He helps clean the thing off and out at a nearby bench while I continue to freak out.
    I couldn't watch.
  11. All I know is it wasn't a cockroach. @angelope wouldn't tell me anything more about it.