1. Stumbled upon this lovely a few days ago.
    From the Sufjan show I went to last year. These Hatch Show prints are done for (all?) shows at the Ryman. They're printed using letterpress printing and only a limited number of them are made for each show. My friend and I both spaced on getting one.
  2. 😊
  3. 😕
  4. Then came the bidding war.
    I've never eBay-ed before. It was exhilarating and I just really wanted to win.
  5. 😫
  6. And I was winning with one minute left. I'm kinda glad though. I didn't need to spend over $174, right? 😡
  7. Not when I could've gotten this for $30 if I wasn't so dumb a year ago. 😳
  8. But also, this is the first and only one I've seen for sale for over eleven months. 😱
  9. And also also, this was a Christmas gift for my best friend, so I wasn't even being selfish. 😭
    Especially since I'd love it too.
  10. So if anyone comes across another Sufjan Stevens Hatch Show Print from the Ryman in Nashville from 2015 (Nov. 11), please let me know.
    Or two.