In honor of the anniversary of @lesleyann and @michael_circa91 's queuing.
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    Okay, so I didn't jab my umbrella into him.
    But he insisted that I did multiple times.
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    It was four years ago. It's July in Nashville. The 6th. We're sitting in my best friend @eddielikespink aka Lauren's room, trying to decide what to do for the next day. Lauren had grabbed a paper about events for that week.
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    "Ringo Starr's playing a concert on the 8th..."
    ?!? Ringo's birthday is the 7th! (Born and raised Beatles 🍏)
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    ?!? He's gonna be having a "peace and love moment" at Hard Rock Cafe tomorrow at noon.
    I learned later that Ringo was once asked what he wants from his birthday. He said that he wants peace and love. Since then, he's made an event out of it on his birthday. At noon on July 7th, he asks people worldwide to participate in wishing everyone peace and love.
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    We decide to go (I decide we have to go). It's ridiculously hot that year, like everything is dry and dead. We're gonna be outside a while, so we take umbrellas for that sun. β˜€οΈπŸ”₯πŸ˜“
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    I can't remember if it's prior or post-this, but we eat at Hard Rock Cafe. I shove to the front (probably a first in my life) to watch Ringo cut his birthday cake. Ringo shares his cake with us (everyone in the restaurant) and has party favors:
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    Anyway, back to the line outside:
    After stalking myself, I found this:
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    Ringo, lawn chairs, umbrella, crazies. I really don't remember the lawn chairs. I wanna say we never used them though. And I only recall one crazy. And he hated us from the get-go. He turns around and gives us an awful look. Then a few minutes later says to me, "You keep jabbing me with your umbrella! Stop!" ⁉️ I definitely didn't.
    "Sorry!" πŸ™„
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    About a minute later, he turns around with his stupid face again and this time grabs my umbrella. Like?
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    I'm pretty sure he turned around, pissed, at least one more time.
    What happened to peace and love, sir? He was so rude and irritating. Though, in his defense, it was hot af, which in itself was irritating. He was probably just pissed that he couldn't use my umbrella, or that it was just sitting there, folded up and not helping anyone.
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    You know what was more rude though? The next day, we went to try to see the concert. Walked around the area, and scalpers offered tickets on every corner. But then laughed at us when we tried to buy them for my birthday (four days prior πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ).
    Totally unsuccessful.
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    So we just chilled in the alleyway behind the Ryman since we couldn't get tickets. We made friends with Ringo's driver, who, after an hour or so, asked why we were there and then also laughed, saying we definitely wouldn't see him.
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    It starts pouring and people start coming out of the venue and around back to see him too, all standing in the heavy rain. Ringo runs out and into his car. No acknowledgement to his fans whatsoever.
    Rude. Should've used my umbrella. πŸŒ‚