1. The world is a rainbow
    That's filled with many colors
  2. Yellow, black, and white, and brown
    You see them all around.
  3. The world is a rainbow
    With many kinds of people
  4. It takes all kinds of people
    To make the world go round.
  5. Now you be you
    And l'll be me
  6. That's the way we were meant to be.
  7. But the world is a mixing cup
    Just look what happens when you stir it up.
  8. The world is a rainbow
    With many kinds of people
  9. And when we work together
    It's such a sight to see.
  10. The world is beautiful when we live in harmony.
  11. ——
  12. This is a part of my lesson for all grade levels. Even if they can't read it, even if they can't sing it accurately. They can hear it. And understand it in some ways. And talk about it.
  13. I've only ever otherwise heard a kind of silly and overdone recording, but I first learned this song during a summer elementary music camp with my cooperating teacher years ago. I wept when kids sang it with an acoustic guitar. I'm weeping now for entirely different reasons.
    It's a beautiful children's song that is so necessary right now more than ever.
  14. This little song had me on the verge of tears in every single class I taught.
    I lost it with the class right before lunch.
  15. The kids don't understand. I asked them about the colors mentioned. Why they were mentioned. What it represents. They don't get it.
  16. And I don't know if it's appropriate for kindergarteners and first graders and second graders to have a race discussion in light of it all.
    But I also know that there's no way to keep them from it now.
  17. And my heart is broken that this is now our country. That our very youngest have to go through this.