Twenty days in and I'm fairly positive I'll max this list out before the year is over. I also won't state the obvious of today.
  1. Christmas card from my grandpa.
  2. Badge from NM All-State Music Educators Conference
    Lost before I actually even used it.
  3. Program with the conference educator workshop schedule.
  4. Ben Folds "So There" CD
    Signed by him twice because I'm difficult and wanted the insert signed instead of the disc. Thanks and sorry, Ben.
  5. Courtney Marie Andrews "On My Page" CD
    Convinced this and Ben CD ran away together.
  6. A Bb bar for my xylophone
    Though to be fair, this was probably lost in 2016 and I didn't realize.
  7. Celestial moisturizer
    This was in my car. How?
  8. Raincoat?
    Again, how?
  9. As of today, another fucking coat.
    I'm pretty sure my car eats coats for a midnight snack?
  10. AND some of my favorite earrings, ugh.