After a three year hiatus, I started Insanity again. 😳 This list is a reminder to myself.
  1. Three years ago was when I felt absolutely the most confident.
  2. I didn't criticize myself when I looked in the mirror. I felt more comfortable in my own clothes. I felt more comfortable in my own body. I was happy.
  3. I was more confident in how I looked, sure, but I didn't look all that different.
    I just felt good. Energized. Proud of what I could do. And happy that I had a wonderful workout partner who pushed me to be a better version of me.
  4. And I loved being healthy! I loved running, I loved eating better. I loved Insanity.
    This. ^^^
  5. But then I got lazy. And didn't do as much. And my workout buddy has since moved away.
    And now I don't feel great anymore. And I'm now a year older. And it's time.
  6. It's time to feel that way again. I need some change.
    And if I'm not gonna get it from taking my life elsewhere just yet, might as well feel better about myself in another way.
  7. Today was surprisingly not bad.
    I wasn't able to do half the workout, but what I did do was just as hard as I remember, yet doable.
  8. I read this a few years ago. It's probably my favorite Buzzfeed article ever.
  9. Static
    You literally can quote it after a while...
  10. Static
    And I do quote it, often, during the workout.
  11. Static
    OMG this one is the most accurate.
  12. LOL.
  13. So here we go. Hello again, Insanity friends!
    Tania is so perfect. I want to be her. And of course Shaun-T. The best.
  14. Akil is also the coolest.
  15. I thought Shaun-T just couldn't decide how to pronounce one girl's name. Turns out there are two of them.
  16. And then there's this jerk.
    He almost kicks Ariel because he's trying to be cool! Arielle? I honestly don't know which one though.
  17. But there's also Jimmy. 💞
    I love Recovery day and Max videos. Not because they're fun. They're so difficult and painful, but they have Jimmy in them. 😍
  18. Here's how I feel most of the time during the workout.
  19. Local
  20. Local
  21. Static
  22. And these are the worst!
    And they're not at all hard! I just tense up.
  23. These too.
    Another that makes me tense for some reason.
  24. And push ups?
    Zero upper body strength. Luckily I suck for forever and then one day all of a sudden can do them, no problem.
  25. But there are times when I'm super focused and feel so strong and capable and I'm like
  26. And I'm really like this under all of my ugh-ing and sore muscles!
    Everyone else who does it with me is Flynn though.
  27. I just need to remember:
    I've done Insanity Month 1 once with some friends before they gave up! 🙄Then I did Insanity a year later. We completed all sixty days after doing Month 1 over (so 90 days of it that time total) bc we felt we weren't strong enough yet. (This was with my good workout buddy.) 💪🏼Then I did Insanity again about a year and a half later. We did Month 1 and about a week and a half of Month 2 (2 done by myself. They decided to try weights I think?) before different friends quit on me. So I can do it!
  28. Static
    Thank God my cat has gotten into the habit of screaming at me at 5:30 every morning anyway.