Thoughts on the Insanity Workout

After a three year hiatus, I started Insanity again. 😳 This list is a reminder to myself.
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    Three years ago was when I felt absolutely the most confident.
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    I didn't criticize myself when I looked in the mirror. I felt more comfortable in my own clothes. I felt more comfortable in my own body. I was happy.
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    I was more confident in how I looked, sure, but I didn't look all that different.
    I just felt good. Energized. Proud of what I could do. And happy that I had a wonderful workout partner who pushed me to be a better version of me.
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    And I loved being healthy! I loved running, I loved eating better. I loved Insanity.
    This. ^^^
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    But then I got lazy. And didn't do as much. And my workout buddy has since moved away.
    And now I don't feel great anymore. And I'm now a year older. And it's time.
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    It's time to feel that way again. I need some change.
    And if I'm not gonna get it from taking my life elsewhere just yet, might as well feel better about myself in another way.
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    Today was surprisingly not bad.
    I wasn't able to do half the workout, but what I did do was just as hard as I remember, yet doable.
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    I read this a few years ago. It's probably my favorite Buzzfeed article ever.
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    You literally can quote it after a while...
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    And I do quote it, often, during the workout.
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    OMG this one is the most accurate.
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    So here we go. Hello again, Insanity friends!
    Tania is so perfect. I want to be her. And of course Shaun-T. The best.
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    Akil is also the coolest.
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    I thought Shaun-T just couldn't decide how to pronounce one girl's name. Turns out there are two of them.
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    And then there's this jerk.
    He almost kicks Ariel because he's trying to be cool! Arielle? I honestly don't know which one though.
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    But there's also Jimmy. 💞
    I love Recovery day and Max videos. Not because they're fun. They're so difficult and painful, but they have Jimmy in them. 😍
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    Here's how I feel most of the time during the workout.
  19. •
  20. •
  21. •
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    And these are the worst!
    And they're not at all hard! I just tense up.
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    These too.
    Another that makes me tense for some reason.
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    And push ups?
    Zero upper body strength. Luckily I suck for forever and then one day all of a sudden can do them, no problem.
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    But there are times when I'm super focused and feel so strong and capable and I'm like
  26. •
    And I'm really like this under all of my ugh-ing and sore muscles!
    Everyone else who does it with me is Flynn though.
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    I just need to remember:
    I've done Insanity Month 1 once with some friends before they gave up! 🙄Then I did Insanity a year later. We completed all sixty days after doing Month 1 over (so 90 days of it that time total) bc we felt we weren't strong enough yet. (This was with my good workout buddy.) 💪🏼Then I did Insanity again about a year and a half later. We did Month 1 and about a week and a half of Month 2 (2 done by myself. They decided to try weights I think?) before different friends quit on me. So I can do it!
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    Thank God my cat has gotten into the habit of screaming at me at 5:30 every morning anyway.