Three Hours from Home

Who knew going not so far could be such a great time? Thanks to my lovely friend Cory and her husband Ronald for hosting me for two weeks!
  1. I was in class M-F 8:30-4:45. I saw this cute bunny on the first day of class.
  2. Fun in class.
  3. Had a delicious sandwich and took a picture of the ingredients so I can remake it.
  4. Came home one night curious about Battle of the Books lists. I figured if anyone would keep them, it'd be Cory's mom! I was right! I can add to this now! BATTLE OF THE BOOKS
    Cory found two in some scrapbooks her mom had put together.
  5. Took a selfie on Friday because my teacher immediately told me that she liked my outfit the second I got to class. After class, we met up with Ronald's cute friend for a movie.
    I could probably have been cuter, but I was exhausted by the end of the day/week.
  6. On the weekend, Cory and I went to Meow Wolf in Santa Fe!
  7. My wonderful Orff instructors representing NM!
  8. Found this nice sight.
    Solutions. 🙌
  9. Another bunny on my last day of class!
  10. Accidental pretty picture.
    On my beautiful daily twenty minute walk to class.
  11. Movement in Orff. Being flies and spiders.
  12. More movement in Orff. Shadow screens.
  13. My dear friend Adrian and Pongo being cute Saturday.
  14. Cory's cat Max demanding love.
  15. Cory's cat Bella confused about wtf I'm doing outside.
    It was time for me to go. :(