1. ...Leaves become most beautiful when they're about to die.
  2. When they're about to fall from trees.
  3. When they're about to dry up.
  4. Just got out of Regina Spektor's concert in New Haven, Connecticut.
  5. And.
  6. OH.
  7. MY.
  9. She is possibly the human embodiment of perfection.
    (Though this photo is not)
  10. She is absolutely flawless.
  11. She is probably the cutest thing on this earth.
  12. And her voice has no comparison, except possibly a literal angel.
  13. I'm absolutely amazed at how effortless everything sounds live, when I fully know the true technique and difficulty of what she does with that voice of hers.
  14. Yet the emotion that flows from her and into these songs rivals all other artists I've ever seen. You can see, hear, and feel her passion, despite the effortlessness.
    I can only include two artists in this category, and Regina is one.
  15. I'm so glad I decided to do this.
    I almost cancelled this trip and sold these tickets.
  16. I just wish others were as glad to have had the opportunity.
    The people in front of us kept getting up, during songs from her new album especially.
  17. Luckily, that meant that whenever they were up, which was often, we were in the front of our section!
  18. Ugh. I can't begin to say how much l loved tonight.
  19. ❤️
  20. And now, I have to keep my friend awake for another two hours before we get back to Philly.
    Of course we're jamming Regina.
  21. Another list to come while traveling back to the Southwest tomorrow.