1. So this happened.
  2. And this happened.
  3. That's my friend Courtney! Well, my very dear friend's very dear friend, so I'd say she's a friend of mine as well.
    She's a great person, and I've only hung out with her a few times, but I think she likes me, so... friends!
  4. And she's amazing. And you should listen to her.
  5. And I bought her new album twice (iTunes first because I'm too impatient to wait for a hard copy because it's just that good, and just now a CD which I think comes with a download anyway.)
    But that means then that since I bought it twice, I can send a copy to my music pen pal @k8zinker along with my previously planned music! (Thanks, @nikkilounoel!)
  6. And I wish I could send it to everyone, but I'd rather you support her!
  7. Please and thank you!❤️🎶