1. I've been feeling bummed today about my decision not to begin my music therapy education this fall.
    I'm 27 now. Ugh. 27. Like what? I need to get this show on the road. 😩 But it'll all be okay.
  2. Then I logged onto Facebook and it reminded me.
  3. Today is the birthday of a dear friend who passed away two years ago.
  4. I've driven out to a spot where he and I once went to watch meteors. We were terribly unsuccessful, though I think at least he was able to see one.
    This meteor shower was apparently new in 2014 when we saw it, so I guess that explains why it was so bad.
  5. Tonight is a night where meteor showers may or may not happen.
  6. Probably not with my luck, but there's a beautiful lightning storm going on.
    And a pretty moon.
  7. I've been contemplating getting a tattoo in his memory for years now. Of the constellation of the shower we went out to watch out here.
    Camelopardalis. Maybe it and the dippers with the radiant point? Or maybe just the dippers and the radiant point. This is why I haven't yet. I'm the worst at making decisions. I'm still unsure, years later.
  8. He always made me feel better about my terrible ability to make a decision.
    And my terrible ability to keep track of my belongings. He was worse than I am, and that's truly a feat.
  9. I've been thinking a lot about him recently.
    So many things remind me of happy memories with him.
  10. He was a huge Pokemon fan and always had his DS with him to play. He would have loved Pokemon Go.
    When I play, I think of him.
  11. I caught an Onix today! It reminds me of him.
    He was a tall guy. A rock in that he was strong, but he was the sweetest and so caring. He always made me feel important and beautiful.
  12. And I just caught a Weedle out here.
    He'll be a Beedrill someday!
  13. I went to the mall today. There's nothing to do around here, so we'd always go to the mall and hang out in Barnes and Noble and walk around.
  14. Then out here.
  15. I listened to Ben Folds, Daniel Hart, and the Broadway musicals we always sang along to together.
    I'm feeling sad and happy all at once.
  16. Happy birthday, dear Trevor. I love you and miss you so much, my friend.
  17. Static