The state of public education in the state of NM and other rants.
  1. We just had a staff meeting. I was running late, as usual, and missed the numbers, but apparently the state of New Mexico has voted to cut from our education budget yet again.
  2. That means even less money for the schools for new curriculum/materials/other basic needs, and of course less teachers.
  3. We were informed that it is likely that we will be cutting staff yet again.
  4. Hopefully this can be done through moving, retiring, rearranging within the district and whatnot, but our principal said there is a real possibility of layoffs. And we will probably need to get rid of two staff members.
    Our class sizes are already large. Are we gonna adjust our cap to like 30 kids in a class for second and first grade, 25 for kindergarten? Because... we're probably averaging 25 and 23 already...
  5. I'm not that stressed out about it for me personally. Aside from the fact that I'm out of here, I'm the only music teacher, so unless they cut music entirely from our district (which I mean, I guess could quite honestly happen) my position should be okay.
  6. She said to let her know ASAP if you plan to move or leave. I guess I should let her know that I don't plan on being back next year, but it doesn't make a difference because obviously they'll be hiring outside the school for another music teacher and also...
    (Here's where I'm stressed tf out)
  7. I just read an article this morning about how MT programs are considering looking into MLE (Masters Level Entry).
    I'm about to go back to school for music therapy. Music therapy as of now is a career where you need a bachelors degree and the proper coursework to become MT-board certified. I am looking into and depending on a great program that will offer me just that for the upcoming fall semester. But with MLE I wouldn't be able to sit for the boards in order to take my certification test in two years with the program I plan to start in the fall.
  8. And I fucking knew I should have checked into masters programs more throughly. Like I did. I applied for one last year. Got in. Then money was a thing. But I also got into this other program that I'm depending on now. But like for the same amount of time, I could end up with a Masters Degree in MT and not just be board certified. Motherfucker.
    But I love the school I chose, and the program seems perfect. I just wish it was a masters program because now I am so uneasy. Essentially it'll cost as much as a masters degree at this school... But the program really is a better fit for me than others I've looked into, not just in school but location as well.
  9. And if I finish my coursework and get certified before they make this decision, I'll be fine, so long as I don't let my certification lapse.
    This MLE thing been a debated thing for like seven years. What's two more? But fuck. Like should I stay and teach another fucking year (UGH I CANT I'LL DIE) and apply to masters programs? I seriously can't take another year and won't but... Like what if?
  10. So anyway, basically my life is all so uncertain as of today and it's stressing me out.
    I'm gonna meet with the Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Music Therapy at Belmont in a month when I'm in Nashville and hopefully she'll ease my worries.
  11. But let's go back to my fucking school district (I'm not that selfish. I'm not worried about my position, but I still care about my district, my school, and most importantly, the kids) Like what the fuck? We already have no fucking money, how is it even possible to take more??
    These teachers are fucking human beings. Overworked. Underpaid. Severely. But let's just take more. And these are CHILDREN. But the future is not an important investment. No wonder no one wants to go into education anymore. A newer teacher told me after the meeting that my university is thinking of cutting the education program bc the enrollment has been abysmal. Awful but also, good on you, college kids. It takes an angel with a heart of solid fucking gold to be a classroom teacher these days.
  12. And I worry for my dad.
    He works at a high school in the district (talk about overworked and underpaid— my dad is truly the best ❤). He used to teach Low-incidence SPED, then he moved to an English Inclusion classroom for a few years at my high school. He then transferred to the new high school five-ish years ago to teach a Reading Intervention Inclusion class required for students with very low test scores who would not otherwise succeed in a normal English class.
  13. That course was cut last year (because it's unnecessary that these students improve their reading in a small (18) classroom where coursework can be more easily tailored to them), but he was placed in a Regular Ed English class this year.
    I just worry that since he gets moved so much... he's been teaching a number of years, so I don't think it will be an issue but... I don't know. Layoffs?
  14. I feel better now at least that he's in a regular English classroom though. They can't cut that since everyone has to take it. (But like what's next? AP and Honors? We're running out of shit to cut, New Mexico...)
  15. So in conclusion (bc I have to work on my lesson plans...)