1. Do you ever have a day where you're just sad?
    For really no apparent reason?
  2. And you try to read, but it's not very enjoyable?
    And it really should be?
  3. And you don't have many plans otherwise, so you have a lot of thinking time?
    And during that thinking time, you think of reasons to justify your sadness?
  4. And those reasons make you exponentially sad?
    Because you haven't heard from anyone you really love in the past few days, and it makes you even more sad because you feel like everyone is too busy to care?
  5. And the plans that you do have, you are not wanting to participate in, but you feel obligated to go?
    And you're very quiet and awkward and are not fun, so then you get anxious about other people thinking you're unfriendly or weird?
  6. And then you get home to an empty house?
    And you have your cats, but they're not very interested in your company either?
  7. And you try to go to bed early, because you want to go for a run in the morning to get these sad thoughts out of mind?
    But you can't sleep, and probably won't want to wake up and put forth the effort anyway?
  8. Yeah, that's been my day.