1. Dad said, "Son, you're fucking high!"
  2. And I thought, "yeah, there's a first for everything." So I took my old man's advice:
  3. Three sad semesters. It was only $15G spend in bed, I thought about the army. I dropped out and joined a band instead...
  4. Ugh. I wish my three sad semesters were only $15G. I would definitely not spend them in bed.
    Do you think he means per semester? I have four (not sad) semesters and then an internship. And things would be different if they were only $15,000 total.
  5. Ben Folds' "Army" came up on shuffle while driving today and it's a much different listen currently.
    Side note: not thinking about the army. Also, still sad I didn't discuss the following with him: I MET BEN FOLDS YESTERDAY
  6. So I'm trying to decide what to do with my life next year.
  7. I am currently an elementary music teacher. My contract became available to re-sign for next year yesterday. I believe I have twenty days to do that.
  8. However, I also just officially got accepted into the music therapy equivalency program at Belmont University in Nashville.
  9. And from my interview with the assistant MT professor and coordinator of the MT program, it sounds great, and she said I was perfect for the program, which was a nice affirmation.
    It's an AMTA accredited, non-degree, post-baccalaureate two year program with a six month internship that will allow me to sit for the national board certification exam for music therapy and become MT-BC (board-certified).
  10. A quote about the relatively new program:
    “Our curriculum will be unlike any other music therapy curriculum in that students will study both classical and commercial lessons in their main area. This degree is what will be called a blended degree. It will combine elements of classical music and commercial music, and we think that will make it very distinctive.”
  11. And about the internship:
    "The culminating component of the degree is a six month internship where they go somewhere for six months and literally work all day, every day as an aid or assistant to a full-time music therapist."
  12. My best friend lives in the Nashville area, so it would be nice to have her around.
    Every other school I'm interested in is away from all people that I love.
  13. But tuition is a lot. I'm not completely positive about cost for non-degree students, but I think it's gonna be about $15,000 a semester.
    Ben's cost for three?
  14. Which is a lot.
    But I guess that's school. I don't know. I was lucky enough not to have to pay for any of my undergrad. But the problem is, since I will be non-degree seeking, financial assistance is unavailable.
  15. Anyway, my dilemma is to:
  16. 1. Go, not currently being able to afford the full cost.
    I have enough for one semester and a bit more currently, but was assured in my interview that all students in the program work and go to school to support themselves.
  17. Or
  18. 2. Stay, teaching another year to save up and feel better financially.
    I'd be able to save up most of tuition costs in that time span living with my parents and being on a zero expenses budget.
  19. It seems the smart thing to do is the latter option, but I have wanted to do this MT thing since graduating high school (going on ten years next year), and I'm so ready to get started.
    And have been ready for a while. And I told myself the year my kindergarteners from my first year teaching are done at my school (after 2nd grade my kids "graduate" to the next door 3-5 school), I am done too. This is that year.
  20. So I just don't know what to do. And I've been trying to decide for weeks now. And I don't have much time left.
  21. Any advice or wisdom or decisions would be very welcome.
    I'm so bad with decisions.
  22. @theresabulger, @estone, I'd love your opinions!
    And about your education, internship (I think all MT programs require one? If not possible opportunities?), general information about your job, ❤️, etc...