1. Scrolling through my BBC news this morning and what do I see?
    My friend Courtney! Yay!!! She's incredible, and in honor of International Women's Day, I'll be listening to her. You should too!
  2. Courtney Marie Andrews an overnight success after six albums http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-39195487
  3. Here are her most recent albums.
  4. Rookie Dreaming
  5. "I was too broke, too shallow to dive deep— too busy carrying the weight of everything."
  6. Not the End
  7. Irene
  8. "The heart is funny, Irene, you can't control who it wants to love. So let it love, Irene, man or woman or anyone it wants."
  9. How Quickly Your Heart Mends
  10. "Crossing out your name in my mind, I'll cross out yours now that you've crossed out mine."
  11. Let the Good One Go
  12. Honest Life
  13. "Some people take a little more time to grow. Right when you have it all figured out life comes to throw you another doubt. But my head's up high and I ain't got nothing but time to work at living an honest life...
    "All I've ever asked for was a way to understand all of life's lessons the best that I can. How to be honest, how to be wise, and how to be a good friend. Some things take a lifetime to fully understand." ❤
  14. Table for One
  15. (FAVE FOR YEARS.) " 'Cause I'm a little bit lonely, a little bit stoned, and I'm ready to go home. You don't wanna be like me— this life it ain't free, always chained to when I leave."
  16. Put the Fire Out
  17. 15 Highway Lanes
  18. Only in My Mind
  19. "In my mind love was unchanging. Every demand was worth meeting, every bad day worth defeating. Love made every wrong seem right, but it was only in my mind... In my mind you forgave me for all of my mistakes. For being sad and selfish, for the loneliness I create."
  20. Woman of Many Colors
  21. "I'm a woman of many colors, yes my mind is never made. So I'll travel this land like a canvas until I am out of paint."
    "I'm a woman of many virtues if you'd only let me grow. But my spirit's been broken in so many ways, my seed you must learn to sow."
  22. This Time
  23. It Keeps Going
  24. "Locked in for weeks, your friends become your fiction."
  25. Blue Woman
  26. "Good old winter, he's got me dreaming of my first home, the burning Southwest."
  27. Haven't Seen It
  28. 500 Nights ❤
  29. "Tried to catch your eye but you're too damn stubborn now to let me in."
    "But this lonely mind, it needs some time; these lonely dreams need something to work towards."
  30. "It's easy to talk about the past. Wishing my time was in a frame upon your bookshelf... I know it's the whiskey on your breath that's keeping you in a state of remembrance."
    "We're living in restless times and no one wants to be tired of the selflessness of every hour."
  31. Fall City
  32. Paintings from Michael
  33. On My Page
  34. "Like you're the only one trying to level with your own blues. I try to be on your page, but I'm the only one who always tends to feel this way. If you love me you'll give me a break, won't you?"
  35. Left-Handed Angel
  36. "You're either on or off. You're either with me or you're not."