What I've Been Doing These Past Two Weeks

Orff Level II- Basics, Movement, and Recorder
  1. What is Orff?
    A natural approach to elementary music-making using speaking, singing, movement, playing instruments, and improvisation— this is an engaging way of promoting creativity, exploration, and higher level thinking. (we had to write a statement earlier; this was mine.)
  2. So basically we got to be big kids for two weeks. We had a blast during the day with composition homework and movement reading in the evenings.
    And it's great fun! Besides the homework. Which is I guess was also kind of fun too, but very time consuming too.
  3. It's such a good learning experience for elementary music teachers.
    Also helpful for music therapy. I've learned so much and got to spend a lot of time with 16 people. Some people are great, some a little annoying, but my teachers were amazing.
  4. Day 1 (kudos to Joshua for most of these photos)
  5. Day 3?
  6. Day 4?
  7. Day 5
  8. Day 8
  9. Day 8
  10. Day 9
    Movement (remind me to never wear that shirt again.)
  11. Day 9
  12. Day 9
  13. Day 10
    Recorder (obvs my least favorite)
  14. Day 10
  15. Day 10
  16. Day 10
  17. Day 10
  18. Day 10
  19. Day 10
  20. Day 10
    Level I dance, Level II instruments. There I am in the back holding down that bass line.
  21. Day 10- Not my instructor this year, but was for Level I, Paul.
    I've known him for years and years, since high school. Notice the great hug.
  22. Day 10- Joshua, my movement instructor for the past few years.
    I decided at some point last year that I think I have a bit of a crush on him. Notice the awkward hug. He's married with children. Whoops.
  23. Day 10
    Level I and Level II group rounds
  24. Such a great two weeks. ❤️